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Espresso Education 101: Understanding the Basics

Espresso Education 101: Understanding the Basics

As leaders in commercial espresso equipment services in Colorado and New Mexico, PriorityOne Group is passionate about sharing our expertise to help you appreciate the art of espresso preparation. This blog article aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to brew exceptional espresso and elevate your coffee game. Read on to learn more.

espresso tamper

Preparing the Beans

Achieving the perfect espresso shot starts with the foundation — the beans. Selecting high-quality, freshly roasted beans is essential for capturing the rich flavors and aromas that define a great espresso. Additionally, tamping the grounds evenly and consistently will help contribute to the creation of a velvety crema that crowns every shot.

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Espresso Machine Types

Understanding the nuances of each type of commercial expresso machine will help you choose the perfect machine for your brewing needs.

  • Traditional espresso machines offer manual control over the brewing process, ideal for enthusiasts seeking hands-on involvement. 
  • Semi-automatic machines automate water flow, providing a balance of control and convenience. 
  • Super-automatic machines streamline the process, handling everything from grinding to extraction at the push of a button. 
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Espresso Brewing Variables

When it comes to brewing the perfect shot of espresso, there are several variables you’ll want to focus on:

  • Grind size plays a critical role in espresso extraction. Fine grind yields a rich, intense shot, while a coarser grind creates a milder flavor profile. 
  • Water temperature affects extraction, with the ideal range between 195-205°F. 
  • Pressure influences the rate of extraction, impacting flavor and crema production. 

Experimenting with these variables allows you to tailor your espresso to perfection.

frothing milk

Milk Frothing Techniques

Achieving velvety smooth milk froth for a cappuccino or latte is an art form. To get properly frothed milk, you’ll always want to start with cold milk. You’ll place the end of the steam wand in the milk, just below the surface. You’ll then move the wand in a circular motion to help incorporate air. This will result in a creamy frothed milk, perfect for drinks made with espresso. 

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